It is the divinization of the human being, hence the redemption of the human being, because God's will is not a tyrannical will, is not a will outside our being but is the creative will itself; it is the very place where we find our true identity. Instead of the word "obedience", as an anthropological keyword we would like the term "freedom". Tel: 06 69 70 01 (centralino) - 06 69 91 653 (emergenze), Il Papa al Gesù nella festa di S. Ignazio. The priest needs divine authorization, institution, and only by belonging to both spheres the divine and the human can he be a mediator, can he be a "bridge". However, the Author of the Letter to the Hebrews discovered a citation which until then had gone unnoticed: Psalm 110 [109]: 4 "You are a priest for ever after the order of Melchizedek". Practicing Lectio Divina. It is always a very joyful as well as an important tradition for me to be able to begin Lent with my Presbyterium, the Priests of Rome. ©2021 - Chiesa del Santissimo Nome di Gesù all'Argentina - Roma - LECTIO DIVINA (A.M. Cànopi, “ Lectio Divina”, Enciclopedia della Preghiera, Ed. For the Letter to the Hebrews, the essential element of our being human is being compassionate, suffering with others: this is true humanity. This seems to me important in the celebration of the Eucharist: here is gathered together all human prayer, all human desire, all true human devotion, the true search for God that is fulfilled at last in Christ. Hom diu que és com «una escala per pujar de la terra al cel». Is 52,7-10; Evr 1,1-6; In 1,1-18 „Şi Cuvântul s-a făcut trup şi a locuit între noi” (In 1,14). The Vatican council marked a return to the centrality of the Word of God and a consequence of this was the rediscovering of lectio divina . And then even more forcefully "In the days of his flesh, Jesus offered up prayers and supplications, with loud cries and tears, to him who was able to save him from death, and he was heard for his godly fear" (5: 7). This is a religious word and expresses the act of offering human gifts to God, it expresses precisely the act of offering, of sacrifice. "LECTIO DIVINA" GIVEN BY HIS HOLINESS BENEDICT XVI . We know that in his Prologue, St John calls the humanity of Jesus the tent of God, eskènosen en hemìn (cf. One should choose a place free of distraction and a posture that is comfortable but conducive to prayer. At a first level the Greek text may be translated as: "he was redeemed from his anguish", and in this sense Jesus is heard. Facebook. This is the great promise that is brought about in the Blessed Eucharist which ever anew opens the heavens. Pin It on Pinterest. Another brief word, at least about Melchizedek. Let us return to the point that Melchizedek is King of Salem. True humanity is real participation in the suffering of human beings. Let us rather be immersed in the passion of this world and with Christ's help and in communion with him, we must seek to transform it, to bring it to God. On the Cross Jesus is raised above all the earth and attracts the earth to him; on the Cross the "Kabod" now appears, the true divine glory of God who loves even to the Cross and thus transforms death and creates the Resurrection. Yet this is a solution that is not an exegesis but rather a betrayal of the text. Thus, as the local Church of Rome but also as the universal Church, we can start out on this essential journey with the Lord towards the Passion, towards the Cross, the Easter journey. La lectio divina esprime la realtà della Chiesa come creatura Verbi: questa si fonda sulla Parola di Dio, nasce convocata dalla Parola e vive in essa. He is a mysterious figure who enters Sacred History in Genesis 14. 06.697001 - Per inviare un e-mail Torna su Questo sito utilizza i cookie per analizzare il traffico a fini statistici ed in forma anonima . Lk 22: 43), in such a way that after the moment of anguish he was able to go, straight away and fearlessly towards his hour, as the Gospels describe it to us, especially that of John. Lastly. In conclusion, lectio divina is a … Your Eminence, Dear Brothers in the Episcopate and in the Priesthood. Si prega di abilitare JavaScript per visualizzare questo sito web. Lectio Divina: Chúa Nhật XXIX Thường Niên (A) Chủ Nhật 18 Tháng Mười, 2020. He transforms the whole of suffering humanity, taking it to himself in a cry to God to hear him. Twitter. People forgive the brother, as in this case, the mother and the son, the friend: all the dreadfulness of death that destroys love, that destroys relationships, that is a sign of our finiteness, our poverty. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. It is a process for which we pray every day: "May your will be done" And let us really pray the Lord to help us see closely that this is freedom and thus enter joyfully into this obedience and into "taking hold of" human beings in order to bring them by our own example, by our humility, by our prayer, by our pastoral action into communion with God. We know that throughout the Torah, that is, in all religious legislation, the word tèleion, used here, means priestly ordination. It was here that God himself pitched his tent in the world, and this tent, this new, true Jerusalem is at the same time on earth and in Heaven because this Sacrament, this sacrifice, is ceaselessly brought about among us and always arrives at the throne of Grace, at God's presence. Hence it was not really abolished but renewed, transformed, so that in Christ all things might find their meaning. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. We know from the Gospels that Jesus cried out from the Cross: "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" The criteria are: worshipping God Most High, the Creator, fostering righteousness and peace and venerating God in a pure way. Hall of Blessings Thursday, 18 February 2010 . A cry of suffering humanity! This is how Christ showed his true humanity. Therefore the priest is not a thing for a few hours but is fulfilled precisely in pastoral life, in his sufferings and his weaknesses, in his sorrows and also in his joys, of course. Thus people say: "he lied" "it is human"; "he stole" "it is human"; but this is not really being human. In discovering this verse, the Author of the Letter to the Hebrews realized that the two promises are united in Christ: Christ is the true King, the Son of God in accordance with Psalm 2: 7, from which he quotes but he is also the true Priest. A Lectio Divina a szöveg olvasásával, a lectióval kezdődik, mely fölveti a szöveg hiteles megismerésének kérdését: mit mond a bibliai szöveg önmagában? It is a proclamation of the kingship of Jesus, of the fulfilment of the messianic expectation of the Old Testament which, at the bottom of their hearts, is shared by all men and women who await the true King who will bring justice, love and brotherhood. Thứ Hai 18 Tháng Mười Một, 2019. L'esercizio costante della Pittura, nello Studio di Laura Grosso. And God answers: "I have glorified it, and I will glorify it again" (cf. Moreover, we priests cannot withdraw to an Elysium. Your Eminence, Your Excellencies and Dear Brothers, It gives me great joy to be with you — the Clergy of Rome — every year at the beginning of Lent and to start out with you on the Church’s journey to Easter. La lectio divina és un mètode experimentat per la Tradició de l'Església. The Letter to the Hebrews does not speculate but reports only what Scripture says and there are various elements: he is a king of righteousness, he dwells in peace, he is king where peace reigns, he venerates and worships the Most High God, the Creator of Heaven and earth, and he brings out bread and wine (cf. Please confirm, if you accept our tracking cookies. Lectio Divina: Lễ Cung Hiến Đền Thờ Thánh Phêrô và Phaolô ở Rôma, Lc 18:1-8. The priest's mission is to be a mediator, a bridge that connects, and thereby to bring human beings to God, to his redemption, to his true light, to his true life. Rather, he offered himself and made this offering of himself with the very compassion that transforms the suffering of the world into prayer and into a cry to the Father. And the inscription on the Cross truly proclaimed this reality to the world: now there is the true King of Israel, who is King of the world, the King of the Jews hangs on the Cross. Thus with these religious terms applied to the prayers and tears of Christ, it shows that Christ's tears, his anguish on the Mount of Olives, his cry on the Cross, all his suffering are nothing in comparison with his important mission. Already present here is a third level of understanding: Jesus' Resurrection is not only a personal event. Here is the true Jerusalem, at the same time heavenly and earthly, the tent which is the Body of God, which as a risen Body always remains a Body and embraces humanity. This uncommented and somewhat incomprehensible event appears only in Psalm 110 [109] as has been said, but it is clear that Judaism, Gnosticism and Christianity then wished to reflect profoundly on these words and created their interpretations. God created us and we are ourselves if we conform with his will; only in this way do we enter into the truth of our being and are not alienated. It enters as a mysterious figure, without father or mother the Letter to the Hebrews says it simply appears, and in this figure can be seen the true veneration of the Most High God, of the Creator of the Heavens and of the earth. In a part of the Old Testament and especially in Qumran there are two separate lines of expectation: of the King and of the Priest. it should be said that the Heavens are now open, worship is no longer enigmatic, in relative signs, but true. This is not only a reference to the hour of anguish on the Mount of Olives but sums up the whole history of the Passion that embraces Jesus' entire life. I think that basically these two things go hand in hand: being of God and with God and being true man, in the true sense meant by the Creator when he formed this creature that we are. It must subsequently be achieved, however, and continue as long as we live. Jesus' prayer was heard in the sense that his death truly becomes life, it becomes the place where he redeems the human being, where he attracts the human being to himself. Pokoknya karena Roh Kudus adalah jiwa Kitab Suci, maka Roh itu juga harus menjadi jiwa lectio divina (S.A. Panimolle [editor], Ascolto della Parole e Preghiera: La “Lectio Divina”, 81-103, 187-211 dengan sangat baik menguraikan tentang peranan Roh Kudus dalam lectio divina baik menurut Kitab Suci maupun menurut Vatikan II).

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