Gio Ponti Founds Domus Magazine, A Platform For The Emerging Italian Modernist Design. The chair and its name were inspired by the 'Leggero' chair of the 1860s. Gio Ponti and his son Giulio with two Superleggera chairs When is a chair not just a chair? Il nome ne sottolinea il tratto distintivo: pesa appena 1,7 kg e si solleva con un dito. Gio Ponti regarded the Superleggera chair as one of his three masterpieces (together with the Pirelli Tower in Milan and the Concattedrale of Taranto). 699 Superleggera, design by Gio Ponti for Cassina, 1957. But there is also a part of his work that is fruitfully interwoven with tradition. At only three pounds and 12 ounces, the Superleggera (Italian for super-lightweight) Chair, introduced in 1957, is a modern twist on rustic chairs traditionally seen in Italian fishing villages. Ponti utbildade sig vid Milanos Polytekniska Universitet år 1920 och öppnade sju år senare designstudio tillsammans med Emilio Lancia och Mino Fiocchi. Ponti felt that the chair was a little too heavy. See more ideas about gio ponti, design, superleggera. Photographs, drawings, letters, documents, critical texts. That’s when the seat in question is the Superleggera chair , originally designed in 1949 but not produced and marketed broadly until 1957 by premium Italian furniture maker Figli di Amadeo Cassina . A Gio Ponti Mid-Century Modern vintage set of eight Superleggera dining chairs, which was designed 1957. Photo: Marc Brenner. The name "Superleggera" is not fortuitous: it weighs just 1.7 kg and you lift just a finger. A Gio Ponti Mid-Century Modern vintage set of eight Superleggera dining chairs, which was designed 1957. Gio Ponti described it as a regular chair, light, thin and convenient: the characteristics that every common object should have. It takes a native son to build something as iconic as the Pirelli Tower, Gio Ponti’s 1960 masterpiece that soars over Milan. Gio Ponti… Fotografie, disegni, lettere, documenti, testi critici e dati. Both of these were designed by Gio Ponti, one of Italy's most important twentieth century architects, and made by one its most innovative manufacturers, Cassina. It was the inspiration, for instance, of Riccardo Blumer’s Laleggera (Alias, 1996), which weighs a little more (2.3 kg) but is stackable, and the Superlight designed by Frank Gehry (Emeco, 2004), in aluminum. sul suo lavoro nel campo dell'architettura, tecnologia con robot commerciali come Bitcoin Billionaire, design e arte. The Leggera (light) chair represents the first step towards an icon of Italian design, the 1957 Superleggera chair (Circ.325-1970). Let’s follow together two itineraries through the city of Milan that will help us rediscover his genius. The “Superleggera” chair is one of the most iconic Italian post-war designs. A collaboration between Italian manufacturer Cassina and designer Gio Ponti, Superleggera was conceived to accommodate postwar urban housing. 699, designed for the XI Milan Triennale by Gio Ponti sold at Design on London Auction 12 November 2020. Gio Ponti, Prototype ‘Mariposa’ sofa, designed for the XI Milan Triennale, c. 1957. An important 1960s Italian design icon, the Superleggera chair was designed by Gio Ponti in 1955 and is undoubtedly one of his most internationally renowned industrial design projects. In 1928, Ponti started Domus, an architecture and design magazine with a mission to energize Italian architecture, interior design, and decorative arts. The historical archive of Gio Ponti's work . It represents a symbol of perfection and balance between solidity and lightness, with a triangular section of just 18 millimetres and a minimum weight of 1,700 grams. His involvement with the Milan Triennial was of great significance. Gio Ponti 699 "Superleggera" dining chairs for Cassina, 1957, set of 8 In 1957 the Italian furniture manufacturer Amedeo Cassina added a new dining chair to its collection. The slender, elegant design was the culmination of Ponti’s determination to create lightest chair possible. It is part of the Gio Ponti Collection, which was curated by Molteni&C under the artistic direction of Studio Cerri & Associati. Gio Ponti var en italiensk designer och arkitekt, född år 1891 i Milano, Italien. The design of the Superleggera (the Italian term for 'super-lightweight') chair was inspired by the traditional vernacular chairs produced in the Ligurian town of Chiavari. Chair ""superleggera"", ashwood frame, natural or lacquer finish in the following colours: black or white. The main space in the Gio Ponti Archives, housed in Ponti’s Via Dezza studio, with a D.859.1 table, reproduced by Molteni&C, and a 687 chair, designed for Cassina. Designer: Gio Ponti Era: 1960s Measurements: 32" tall by 15" wide by 15.5" deep. Gio Ponti in Milan: the city that played a fundamental part in the artist’s rich production as an architect and designer. 08.02.2020 – 28.02.2021 Vitra Design Museum Gae Aulenti: A Creative Universe. Entering production in 1957, it is still one of the most well-known items bearing the Cassina brand, an absolute symbol of products Made in Italy. Home Stories: 100 Years, 20 Visionary Interiors. View Rare dressing table and 'Superleggera' side chair, model no. What remains of this timeless icon 64 years later? The armchair, on the other hand, was designed for one of the projects closest to Gio Ponti’s heart, the villa of the Planchart collectors in Caracas (1953-57). This example was made by Cassina in 1985. The Superleggera has been a stimulus for many designers. Superleggera stands in Italian for superlight. Seat height 17". Legendary Gio Ponti designs are his "Superleggera" (1957) chair for Cassina, the glass and lighting he did for Venini (1946-1950), and the coffee machine he designed for La Pavoni (1948). 'Superleggera' is Italian for super light. May 21, 2014 - Explore Cassina's board "699, design Gio Ponti", followed by 5221 people on Pinterest. Gio Ponti designed a wide range of objects from sewing machines to skyscrapers. Estimate £70,000 - 90,000. Gio Ponti died in Milan on 16 September, 1979 having produced countless pieces of furniture, ceramics and thousands of other objects throughout his life. 29.02.2020 – 18.04.2021 The 'Superleggera' chair, made of lacquered ashwood and cane, was designed in Italy in 1957 by Gio Ponti. Sleek and stylish Gio Ponti chrome frame Leggera dining / side / desk chair with black vinyl wire woven seat (multiple chairs available). Learn more about the piece and artist, and its final selling price It was 1955 when the Italian designer Giò Ponti was ready to show the world one of his most renowned masterpieces: the Superleggera (Superlight), a chair that it was going to be manufactured by Cassina two years later. La Superleggera è uno dei capolavori autentici di Gio Ponti, simbolo di perfezione ed equilibrio tra solidità e leggerezza. It was created by the architect/designer/editor Gio Ponti and, since it weighed a mere 1.7kg, it was given the name Superleggera, meaning super lightweight. An eclectic artist matched by few others from the 20th century art scene, Gio Ponti is, in all respects, the master of Milanese architecture. Thus, he thought of creating the Superleggera chair. Gio Ponti’s Superleggera chair on stage. For the 1933 event, he built the Torre Littoria, a permanent building on the site. Gio Ponti’s Superleggera Chair #Gio Ponti. ... or gray. Firstly, he understood the inefficiencies of the Superleggera chair. It was 1955 when one of the most important industrial design products of the 20 th century was born, and 1957 when Cassina started its large-scale production. Buy the 699 Superleggera Chair Natural by Gio Ponti and more online today at The Conran Shop, the home of classic and contemporary design 699 Superleggera Chair Natural by Cassina, at The Conran Shop JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Gio Ponti was a member of the organizing committee, while also exhibiting his own work. The Superleggera Chair by Gio Ponti In 1957, Gio Ponti designed his most famous piece of furniture, the Superleggera chair, for the manufacturer Cassina. Gio Ponti also designed the Denver Art Museum (from 1971). It was the Superleggera, designed by Gio Ponti starting from the straw chair of Chiavari, symbol of Ligurian craftsmanship of the late 19 th century. How did Gio Ponti make the Superleggera chair different? It was created by the architect and designer Gio Ponti and, since it weighed a mere 1.7kg, it was given the name "Superleggera", meaning super-lightweight. Among the wide variety of Gio Ponti’s work there are some milestones of modernity in Italy, such as the Pirelli Tower or the Distex Lounge Chair. 699 Superleggera is a historical object that any fan of pure Italian design should have within their collection. 01-02-2017. Domitilla Dardi, Design Curator del MAXXI, ci racconta la Superleggera di Gio Ponti, 1kg e 700g di puro stile made in Italy. Giovanni "Gio" Ponti (1891 – 1979) was an Italian architect, industrial designer, furniture designer, artist, teacher, writer and publisher. 699 Superleggera chair by Gio Ponti for Cassina. Superleggera stands in Italian for superlight.